Brittany France Wedding + Château de Loyat + Mathilde and Ludovic

This year has been a whirwind one, I am flying more than ever (if that is possible!) and catching my breath has been rather hard to do. Yet I still am as much in love with each wedding I shoot as ever.

Mathilde and Ludo’s wedding weekend in Brittany (Château de Loyat) was immense in so many ways – not just because they are awesome, and not just cos it was oh-so-pretty and I got to work with the lovely Made in You girls, not even because I ate more delicious crepes/galette in a weekend than I probably should, but I also got to meet so many wonderful people and made some new friends I intend to keep in touch with. And this is with everything conducted in French and me barely understanding a single thing, yeah it was that good.

w h a t s   n e w