Welcome to my about me page.

Hello there, thanks for popping by! I’m Shella – a destination wedding photographer based in London and travel all over the world to shoot gorgeous weddings and other creative photo shoots. My work has taken me all over UK ItalyFranceGreece, Netherlands, Bali, Thailand and Australia. An avid adventurer at heart, when not photographing weddings I can be found travelling or eating – often both at once.

I love being married. I married my best friend and his name is Derek.
He is the complete opposite of me in every way but somehow we complete each other.
I also happen to think he is the most gorgeous man in the world.

It's no secret that I love food.
And it doesn't help that I get hungry... a lot.
Anything from cheap street grubs, home-made comfort food, to fancy or experimental restaurant meals - I'm there!
So if you have any good recommendation I would so love to hear from you - any cuisine, anywhere.
My only food nemesis is onions - I hate them and I am intolerant to them *hiss*

My family is everything to me. Words cannot express how much I love them.
Though we are scattered all around the world, when we get together there isn't anyone in the 1 mile radius who can't hear us #weareloud
This photo was taken at my sister's wedding - where I cried a lot.
She lives back in Australia and I miss her every.single.day.

There's nothing like spending a sunshiny summer day outside with a glass of wine, and just be (hammock & cushions optional but highly recommended).
That first balmy sunny day of the year where the whole city comes alive and not one person stays indoor. That!
Summer is also often synonymous with outdoor markets, festivals, and celebrations in general - what's not to love?
One day, when I'm done with the big cities, I might just move to an island and live al fresco all day, everyday.

A good road trip is hard to beat. This is why:
- The sense of freedom!
- Road trip snacks... lots of it
- Singing along (at the top of our lungs) to road trip songs de jour
- Being silly in the car
- Stopping wherever/whenever for photos

A recently acquired hobby, here's one I made from our anniversary holiday in Croatia, A LOT of silliness went into this (don't say I didn't warn you)

I get to travel all over the world doing what I love and it is awesome!
I am a hopeless romantic at heart which is probably why this job is perfect for me.
I’ve cried at just about every wedding I’ve shot (which is now in triple digits, so no mean feat!)
I’m a sucker for a good love story.
I would love to hear yours!

I can't help but love the twinkly lights everywhere leading up to Christmas.
I love getting together with the family and getting all excited on Christmas morning!
I love getting presents, I love giving presents even more.
I love listening to my Christmas playlist, which has every cheesy xmas song ever recorded - and I don't care.
Christmas dinner, nuff said *nom nom*
I love that festive feeling.


    We can’t believe how you have captured every detail and every moment of the day. When we watched them back they tell exactly the story we wanted to tell.

When it comes to photography, my style is relaxed, a little bit quirky and all about having a bit of fun while getting those gorgeous shots – but most importantly I want you to feel like you are reliving all the best bits of your wedding day when looking through your photos.

Some snippets from clients’ testimonials that illustrate my style:

There is never a dull moment when Shell’s around. Not only do I love being photographed by her but I laugh the whole time. I never feel apprehensive in front of Shell’s camera, as I know she’ll always capture the most beautiful side of me. You’d be making a seriously smart move if you booked her to shoot your wedding. ~ Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride

We love the photos so so much. We can’t believe how you have captured every detail and every moment of the day. When we watched them back they tell exactly the story we wanted to tell. The way you framed every shot and the finishing is just perfect. You were so creative and did such a wonderful job putting everyone at ease. You are so incredibly talented and we are so lucky to have found you!! ~ Lucy + Michael (awesome couple & clients)

(If you want to read more testimonials from real couples and people I work with, head over here)

So that’s me! You can follow me on facebook/twitter, have a good poke around the site, and do get in touch – I’d love to hear your story! x

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