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Last summer The Blogcademy girls (Rock n Roll Bride, Gala Darling & Nubby Twiglet) asked me if I would like to go on an all expenses paid trip to Santorini with them for a photography commission, as if there is a different answer to that question! I said yes in a heartbeat and what followed was 3 days of wandering, giggling, gelato-eating, wifi spots hogging, and of course – posing. I had so much fun it got me thinking I should start a holiday/honeymoon photography service – not to be in their face 24/7 of course, just when they need me to capture the essence of their trip! Takers? 😉

The girls are flying me to more awesome destinations this year so stay tuned for the 2014 instalments!


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This year has been a whirwind one, I am flying more than ever (if that is possible!) and catching my breath has been rather hard to do. Yet I still am as much in love with each wedding I shoot as ever.

Mathilde and Ludo’s wedding weekend in Brittany (Château de Loyat) was immense in so many ways – not just because they are awesome, and not just cos it was oh-so-pretty and I got to work with the lovely Made in You girls, not even because I ate more delicious crepes/galette in a weekend than I probably should, but I also got to meet so many wonderful people and made some new friends I intend to keep in touch with. And this is with everything conducted in French and me barely understanding a single thing, yeah it was that good.

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Provence in late June is so very special, with both lavenders and sunflowers in full bloom it is hard not fall in love with the place. I had the best time shooting with the talented Kat Braman (who works with film), we hung out, drank wine, ate like kings and shot one of the most visually stunning weddings I’ve had the pleasure to work on. Not only are Karen and Howard a picture perfect couple, Nathalie from Majenia Marriage did the most amazing job at making this wedding super swoon worthy. If you’re getting married in France, you should hire her. Seriously.

Kat’s beautiful work from this wedding was featured on Design Sponge which also lists all vendors info and details.

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